Garden watering

Garden watering can – a very practical thing for use in the home, greenhouse or on small plots of garden. Choose a funnel that when filled with water, it would not become too heavy for you. Hole for filling watering cans must be wide enough for easy filling with water, the very same watering should be comfortable. Filter at the base of the spout watering can help to avoid clogging the spray debris had fallen into the water.

Garden barrels
Garden barrels are used to collect rain water flowing down from the roof of a house or greenhouse, which is a valuable resource during the dry season, and also useful for watering plants that prefer acid soils. Some drums have a drainage hose to drain water into drainage or sewer overflow.

Microfine sprayer is best suited for watering seeds and seedlings, as spilling jets do not damage plants, not wash off the soil and compost with the seeds. For the fully developed plant is preferable to use spray with a large sieve – so watering is carried out faster.
Sprayers are made from different materials: brass, plastic with brass strainer and entirely of plastic. Plastic less durable and less expensive than brass, but still quite suitable for most work. Metal sprayers give smaller streams.

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